UofT Research & Clinician Investigator Program

The Department of Medicine (DoM) represents a diverse community of basic and clinical science, knowledge translation, and education researchers. With nearly 400 clinician-scientists and clinician-investigators appointed in the department, the breadth of the research conducted creates exciting opportunities to form novel collaborations and push the boundaries of medical knowledge. To date, DoM faculty members have received 90 inventor patents, $185+ million in annual research funding, and hosts eight Rhodes Scholars on staff.

The UofT has one of the largest clusters of academic clinical nephrologists in Canada, with 42 full-time and 32 part-time and adjunct clinical faculty. The staff are dedicated to expanding the knowledge base of causes, treatments, and cures for kidney disease; to provide unparalleled care to patients; and to train the next generation of nephrologist practitioners and scientists. The depth of expertise and accomplishments of faculty, and the breadth and rigor of training and research activities, as well as internationally acclaimed sub-specialties, serve to highlight the vigor of the division.

Clinician Investigator Program

The Clinician Investigator Program (CIP) provides an exciting opportunity for residents to pursue graduate or postdoctoral level training within the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada accredited program. The program provides an innovative curriculum, mentorship and the opportunity to pursue a diverse array of cutting-edge research. The goal of the University of Toronto (UofT) CIP is to educate physicians towards an independent career as a clinical investigator combining medical practice and research.

The CIP is designed to educate a new generation of physician investigators. Residents who complete the CIP will have engaged in a curriculum that features the knowledge, skills, and attitudes fundamental to embarking on a career in health research. Approximately 70% of CIP graduates across Canada have become engaged in investigative careers as faculty members.

The UofT CIP was the first fully accredited program in Canada, with Dr. Mel Silverman as its first program director. Today, there are 14 fully accredited programs located at major Canadian universities. The University of Toronto CIP is the largest of these programs. Learners can find the eligibility requirments, application, and guidelines on the the UofT website.